Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 10 Spices

$5 Dinners is asking what the top 10 spices are in your kitchen. Now I'm not a very exciting cook, but I think these are absolute necessities. (If you buy seasoning packets for spaghetti and tacos, you might disagree. But I don't like all the mystery ingredients in those.)

Assuming you already have salt and pepper...
1) garlic powder
2) onion powder
3) cumin
4) chili powder
5) cayenne pepper
6) oregano/Italian herb mix
7) parsley
8) cinnamon
9) ginger
10) another herb like basil or thyme, or paprika

One things I don't have in my spice cabinet: seasoning salt - many have MSG, and you can easily make your own suited to your tastes and sodium limits.

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